Senin, 29 Maret 2010

History of Rolex Watch

Rolex Watch Company was founded by Hans Wilsdorf.
Wilsdorf was was born March 22, 1881, Kulmbach, Franconia (Germany).
In 1900 he gained an apprenticeship in a watch exporting firm located in La Chaux De Fonds.
At 24 Wilsdorf decided to set-up his own watch-making business.
Wilsdorf & Davies was founded in 1905 in London.
By 1908, the firm was amongst the leading watch merchants in the United Kingdom.
Wilsdorf had dreamt of creating a brand for his watches. He chose the name 'ROLEX'. It is thought he drew this name from the wording "Horlogerie Exquise".
In 1910, official recognition was gained from the "Bureau Officiel" in Bienne.
In 1925, Wilsdorf spent 100,000 Francs into advertisements based in U.K. news periodicals touting the quality of his watches.
In 1926 the "Rolex Oyster" was born.
In 1956, the gents "'Day-Date"' model appeared.
Hans Wilsdorf passed away on July 6, 1960. 

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